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At Tita Engineering we can meet any and all of your car wash repair needs. We offer a maintenance service to our customers, to help prevent any problems arising with your hardware. By keeping your machines running longer and being proactive rather than reactive we can save your business money, by preventing future problems and breakdowns.

When you and your business are in need of car wash repair, you can trust us to get the job right the first time. All of our engineers are hugely experienced and skilled at what they do – You can rest assured that we’ll have your machines back up and running as quickly as possible.


We service and repair all car wash machines and equipment.

Our engineers are familiar with a huge range of different machines and are experts when it comes to car wash equipment. This means that regardless of the type of car wash equipment you own, our technicians at Tita Engineering are fully equipped to make sure that your car wash is fully functioning and making your business money.


Rapid Response Times, Minimal Downtimes, Reliable Spare-Parts Availability.

To ensure that your business continues to run smoothly, we work hard to guarantee rapid response times for all of our customers. We know that the quality of our service is essential and that a huge part of that service is how quickly we can get out to you, fix your hardware and get your system back up and running.


Downtime costs time and money.

Faster response times means shorter downtimes for your business. This is why our priority is always to ensure that your washing system is running smoothly and efficiently. Keeping your system functioning at full capacity more of the time, ultimately means more profits for your business.


Reliable and fast spare parts supply.

Our central warehouse is always reliably stocked with all the spare parts that our customers might need. Having these parts continually stocked means that we’re ready to respond to your needs faster, meaning less lead-in time when we get the call to come and help. As with everything we do, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and ability to get your systems back up and running as quickly as possible.