Tita Engineering draws upon the extensive industry experience of its founder and skilled technicians to bring you the best possible service in mechanical and electrical engineering. Our broad specialism is what makes us unique, with technicians proficient in the installation, maintenance and repair of both manual and automated factory machines, car wash machines, oil and gas pump station machines and lines and a broad range of other mechanical and electrical equipment.

We supply and install automated car wash and packaging machinery as well as offering our customers maintenance support for both our own and other manufacturers’ machinery and systems. As a company, we are constantly evolving to meet industry demands, endeavouring to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. All of our work is supported by our technicians’ reliable maintenance and support service and considerate after sales care.

Innovation is key to everything that we do. Our engineers pride themselves on their drive to deliver solutions for challenging requirements and improve the quality, reliability and efficiency of automated car washing and packaging systems for our customers. We want to be the best in our field, and by focussing on continual development and innovation we are confident that we can stay ahead of the game, without ever compromising on our core tenets of safety, quality and affordability.

When it comes to our relationship with our customers, we’re much more than just a supplier. We consider ourselves partners of everyone that we work with, working closely with our customers to provide them with the competitive advantage that they want. Our focus on customer satisfaction gives our customers the peace of mind, to know that all our work is strictly quality controlled and that if problems do arise, we have the means and capability to answer their needs as quickly as possible. We deliver consistent quality and superior service, through innovation and a desire to promote sustainable growth for ourselves and our business partners.

While the majority of our operations are focused in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and Wisconsin areas we have the capability to provide our services across the country and worldwide, as needed. Our technicians’ broad expertise means that we can assist in the installation, maintenance and repair of any car wash or automated packing system around the world.