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Packaging is a crucial part of the process in any manufacturing line. Across all industry sectors, packaging is needed to enclose products with wrapping, cases, cartons or other packaging solutions. This packaging process ensures that items are protected, do not perish, and are ready for retail. Automated packaging systems mean higher levels of speed, accuracy, and safety for your business.

To ensure all packaging processes are as efficient as possible – in terms of cost, time, and resource –an automated packaging system may be the best solution for your business.

At Tita Engineering we help our customers increase their productivity and efficiency by providing them with a total systems approach. We work very closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and needs. As part of our process, we will evaluate the entire packing operation including machines, materials and services. Using the data from our evaluation we will develop a complete packing solution that will increase our customers’ productivity, efficiency and importantly, profitability.

Our in-house team of specialist technicians and engineers are highly skilled in designing and installing product testing, inspection, and verification systems to achieve the highest possible quality for your finished product.

We are your go-to consultant when it comes to choosing the right automated packaging solution for your unique requirements. We will design and build all of our packaging systems to meet the needs of the customer. This might mean creating a machine to operate within limited floor space or a requirement to meet a particularly high demand for output speed.

Our engineering knowledge and capabilities enable us to create high-quality and high-speed automated packaging machines, offering you accuracy, quality, and most importantly, safety. We are creative problem solvers and will find solutions to enhance the overall effectiveness of your packaging lines to increase efficiency and improve output.